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Thursday Election Results Update

November 13, 2020 at 1:06 pm

The San Joaquin Registrar of Voters still has 41,300 ballots left to count. The majority of those, 34,000, are mail-in ballots. The county has also not yet processed its 6,300 provisional ballots. More than 216,000 votes have been counted, a turnout of 59.1%. Most of the races in a county have been called, but a few remain close.

The race for the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors in District 5 has tightened. District 5 covers Tracy, Mountain House, Manteca, and Lathrop. On election night, Rhodesia Ransom led Robert Rickman by almost 2,500 votes. As of Friday morning, she now has an advantage of 807 votes, or 0.4 of a percentage point.

In Area 3 of Stockton Unified School District, Alicia Rico took at 31-vote lead over Valentino Silva on Thursday night. Silva initially had an edge on election night of just over 100 votes, which had diminished to 16 votes by Monday night. There are three other candidates in the race, but none of them have won more than 17% of the vote. Rico currently has 1,244 votes to Silva’s 1,213, a difference of roughly 0.8 of a point.

The race for Stockton Mayor has continued to widen. Challenger Kevin Lincoln has a lead of 6,367 votes, or 8.7 percentage points, over incumbent Michael Tubbs. Roughly 73,000 votes have been cast, 39,708 (54.4%) for Lincoln and 33,341 (45.6%) for Tubbs. Lincoln has not yet declared victory.