Robust Fundraising Week for San Joaquin State Assembly Candidates

September 10, 2020 at 8:10 pm

Four candidates running for State Assembly in San Joaquin County saw fundraising numbers perk up this week, accumulating a combined $84,000 over the past seven days. The other campaigns to pull in money were those of Jim Cooper in District 9 and Kathy Miller and Carlos Villapudua in District 13.

Jim Cooper, Heath Flora, Kathy Miller, and Carlos Villapudua

Jim Cooper, Heath Flora, Kathy Miller, and Carlos Villapudua all saw fundraising boosts this week.

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Cooper, the incumbent Democratic assemblymember, raised $15,500 through five donors. District 9 includes Lodi and northern San Joaquin County, but also stretches up to Elk Grove and southwestern Sacramento. The American Property Casualty Insurance Association PAC, based in Chicago, and the California Farm Bureau Federation PAC also donated over $1,000 to Cooper. His Republican opponent, Eric Rigard, has not raised any donations over $1,000 since June 30.

District 12 covers Manteca and Ripon. The current officeholder, Republican Heath Flora, raised more than $22,000 this week. This included contributions from the California Ambulatory Surgery Association PAC, Californians for Fair Housing, Ford Motor Company, and T-Mobile.

Flora also donated to four fellow Republican assembly candidates in Southern California: Suzette Valladares (District 38, Santa Clarita), Laurie Davies (District 72, Mission Viejo), Janet Nguyen (District 72, Garden Grove), and Kelly Seyarto (District 67, Winchester). Flora’s opponent, Paul Akinjo, has not yet filed anything with the California Secretary of State.

Both candidates in District 13 (Stockton and Tracy) made some fundraising gains this week. Kathy Miller actually accumulated the most out of all San Joaquin assembly candidates this week, $30,800 from only five donors. This included $9,300 from the California State Council of Service Employees, $4,700 from San Francisco city physician Roger Wu, and $5,000 from the California Association of Professional Scientists.

The other candidate, Carlos Villapudua, did not do as well. He raised $6,700: $1,000 from Raymus Homes presiden Toni Raymus, $4,700 from the California Dental Association PAC, and $1,000 from Fairway Land Holding Company.

The California Real Estate PAC made donations to three of the four candidates across party lines. The group contributed $7,300 to Cooper on September 8, $7,300 to Flora on September 5, and $9,300 to Miller on September 8.

Correction: an earlier version of this article stated that Cooper had received money from the campaigns of Bobbie Singh Allen and Katie Villegas. That is incorrect. Cooper donated to this candidates. The earlier version also stated that Flora had received money from four Republican assembly candidates, when he actually donated to them as well.