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Ripon Fire Board Race Down to One Vote As Other Contests Stabilize

November 24, 2020 at 1:35 pm

The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters is continuing to count ballots. Turnout in the county is currently at 75.8%, but there are a few races that are still close.

In Area 6 of the Delta College Board of Trustees, Casey Goodall is within roughly a percentage point of Teresa Brown. He currently has 23,137 votes (49.3%) to Brown’s 23,616 votes (50.4%), a margin of 479 votes. However, this gap has barely budged since last week, and turnout in the race is already at 79.2%.

The contest for the County Board of Supervisors District 5 has also only shifted slightly since last week. Robert Rickman took the lead over Rhodesia Ransom last Monday and has maintained his 0.8 point lead ever since. Turnout in the race is also high, at 79.6%.

While most of the races in the county have already been decided, the election for the Ripon Fire Board is still extremely close. There are three open seats on the board, elected at-large. Two will go to Ryan Mackey and Larry Madoski, who are firmly in first and second place with roughly 30% of the vote each.

The gap between Matt Cultrera and Sheri Coburn for the final seat, as of Tuesday morning, is only one vote. Cultrera has 3,784 votes, while Coburn has 3,783. Almost 85.3% of voters have already had their ballots counted in the race.

The county is no stranger to close races. In the March primary, two races were decided by a few dozen or fewer votes. In Area 3 of the County Board of Education, incumbent Peter Ottesen failed to make the general election by five votes. Kathy Miller beat out Christina Fugazi for second place in the State Assembly District 13 primary by 30 votes.